Our Company

DL Seeds formed in 2008 when two German seed companies, DSV and NPZ-Lembke, merged their Canadian operations.

DSV is one of the leading plant breeding and seed companies in Europe with almost 100 years of company history. More than 700 employees worldwide work for DSV with focus on both winter and spring canola, forage crops, cereals and cover crops.

NPZ-Lembke is a family company which has been breeding in several crops for over 125 years. They develop winter canola, spring canola, and pulse varieties in Europe, Asia, and Australia with over 400 employees worldwide.


We continually innovate to create crop varieties that are sustainable for farmers, differential for our customers, and beneficial for consumers.

Over 30 Employees
Research Programs

DL Seeds Today

Today DL Seeds has over 30 full time Canadian employees that hire a small army of summer help to run its research program which is spread over Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


  • Spring Hybrid Canola

  • Winter Hybrid Canola

  • Yellow & Green Field Peas

  • Forage Peas

  • Fababean (tannin & low-tannin)

Global Seed Production

DL Seeds produces commercial and parent seed in British Columbia, southern Alberta, Colorado and winter contra season productions in Chile.

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